Because Life Begins Outdoor

What is trekking?

Trekking is an Art of getting along with nature.

Walking in its shades. Living in its grace.

Trying to be a part of the nature at least for sometime by becoming its friend.

If you ever get tired of being a walking machines among other machines and want to get away from the routine life, every scolding boss, never shutting spouse, noisy vehicle, polluted air, rushing train , non moving traffic just shutdown your brain and book a trekking at Ynot trekking. Because Life Begins Outdoor.

Trekking is all about taking the time out to be with nature, appreciating all little creations, trying to know yourself, knowing about the people around you, learning about team work, co existence, survival, helping each other and exploring your characters which you never know that it ever existed.


We promise you more than what you ask for and we serve you more than what have we promised

If Trekking is Art we are a budding artist who put all our resource, energy & creativity to plan, design, & execute a trip that will create the memories of your life time which you can cherish, relive & share with everyone you know over and over again with same trill, enthusiasm & excitement. When you trek with Ynot trekking we make you feel that you are in the safe hands who plan the trip right from the moment you step out of your door till you get back to your home safe and sound.


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