October 9, 2017

Know Us

There is a thing in this world which can be seen from anywhere. It changes its colour often in a spectacular way. It brings a lot of elements along with it to entertain millions of people all around the world. It is called as SKY but the question is ‘How often do you look up to see it?’ Maybe not quite enough to appreciate it or admire it.  It is right there, the way it was. All you have to do is open your window or lift your head from your mobile. Because life begins outdoor.


Where it all Started


Ynot trekking started off its journey way back than it is stated as a startup.

A few childhood friends meet after a long time. They spend a whole evening planning about the adventurous trip they all want to have. They spend the next few days trying to find a perfect people to organize, guide and help them get that adventure but to no avail.

They organized a trek, spent a lot, and had a little fun.Next year they learned a few things, spent little less and had more fun. Over the coming years, they mastered, spent efficiently, created the best memories of their life. They wanted to help their friend but everyone they meet became their friends. They took everyone along with them who were willing to go for a trek but the volume went just too high.

They hired few experienced guide to take their friends to trekking. They trained them how to do it properly. They paid them, salary. And Ynottrekking was born.


Our Vision & Mission


Thinking of our vision and mission, to our surprise we don’t have one.

Ynot trekking was created not to change the world but to help people live their life with adventure and trill.

Our mission is to create memories and our vision is that every individual has an adventurous story with Ynot trekking which they can share with others for years. Our goal is to educate people about trekking & camping activities and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone. Because life begins outdoor.


We Promise more than what we deliver, We Deliver more than what we peomise.

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